Resurrection of Jesus Christ

Historical Evidence of the Resurrection of Christ (Part 6): The Summation

The resurrection of Jesus is one of the most provable events of all of history.  The resurrection of Christ is the foundational truth of a biblical belief system. Everything we believe as followers of Christ is based on the truth of that single event.

At the same time, for the atheist, agnostics, skeptics, believers in other religions, or those searching for truth, the resurrection is the event they most deal with if they want to hold their opinion in clear conscious.  To ignore the resurrection of Christ, by not determining whether it is true or myth, would be short-sighted and a version of denial.

Over the next month, I will be writing about the historical evidence of the resurrection of Christ as a supplement to our March series at CrossChurch, “Love Ran Red”. Part 6 is following.

Summation: A Decision Must be Made By Every Person

“ You can shut Him up as a fool…you can spit at, and kill Him as a demon…or you can fall at his feet and worship Him as Lord! But please, none of this nonsense about Jesus only being a great teacher… that is not left open to as an option.” – C.S. Lewis

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