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Some Trade-Offs Worth Making

Life is full of trade-offs. Trade-offs are determined by our value system, in other words, what we place the highest value on at that time. Our trade-offs determine the results of our lives. As we make the various trade-offs of our everyday life, our decisions are leading us down a path that is paved with the results of the various trade-offs we have made. If the path we are traveling is not taking us to the designation or end result we are hoping for, it is the direct result of the trade-offs we have made.

In my article from Friday, September 23rd, I asked you to consider trade-offs you are currently making that are either having a negative affect on your life or will have a negative affect if you do not deal with it. In this article I will write about some trade-offs worth making.

In Matthew 4:17-22 we find a great story about Jesus calling his first four disciples. Peter & Andrew, then James & John, left everything to follow Jesus. They “immediately” traded their known life for unknown results of following after Jesus. Think of all Peter, Andrew, James, and John exchanged or traded-off to follow Christ. They left everything, and they did it “at once”.

Trade knowledge for experience. Knowing something is great, but it is only though experience that we really find freedom, truth, and life. In the Garden of Eden, there were two trees; the tree of knowledge and the tree of life. Always choose “to eat” from the tree of life.

Trade control for trust. Control is a myth. Choose silence your need to feel in control by demonstrating your trust in God. God’s ways often do not make sense. Choose trust anyway. According to Jesus in John 14, trust and obedience are the truest tests of our love.

Trade regret for repentance. Life is too short to live it filled with regret. Repentance, defined as, a change of mind, a change of direction, and a change of purpose is God’s solution for regret. Let go of your past, and allow God heal you, restore you, and remove your condemnation.

Trade security for significance. Nothing of significance can happen in a completely secure place. Significance requires risks, vulnerability, and a willingness to be stretched out of your comfort zone. If you want to make a difference, you have to be willing to move past security through uncomfortable risks to significance.

Trade spectating for participating. Get out there and enjoy life. Actually live life versus merely watching life past you by from the bleachers. Trade flesh-responses for Spirit-responses. Galatians 5 say that our flesh and the Holy Spirit are always at war with each other for control. Yielding to the cravings and tendencies of our flesh strengthens our flesh and weakens the work of the Spirit within us. Surrendering to the working of the Holy Spirit, increases the flow of the Spirit, and weakens the battle of our flesh.

Trade inward focus for outward focus. Most people think inwardly, or about themselves and their stuff. Choose to think outwardly; about others. Thinking of others first is a mark of maturity and humility. Thinking outwardly will change your perspective.

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