Without Faith it is Impossible to Please God

Understanding biblical faith is a pretty important topic for a follower of Christ. According to Hebrews 11:1, 6; without faith, defined as being sure of what we hoped for, and certain of what we cannot see, it is impossible to please God.

What we believe is proven not only by what we say, but more importantly, by what we do. Our choices, behaviors, and attitudes verbalize our faith. I do not mean “verbalize” as in speaking, but rather turning our faith from a noun-type faith into a verb-type faith.

Turning our noun-faith into a verb-faith sends a message of surrender to God. Turning our noun-faith into a verb-faith sends a message encouragement to other people. Turning our noun-faith into a verb-faith even sends a message of hope to our own hearts. Turning our noun-faith into a verb-faith even sends a message of defeat to our giant. The bottom line is that we will never rise to stay above our verbalized faith.

Life’s challenges come in all shapes and sizes, and God is always faithful to provide the faith to meet every challenge we face. At the same time, Satan will provide the excuse to forfeit every challenge. We get to choose our response to the challenge before us; do we respond with the faith God has provided or with the excuse Satan has provided.

Embracing the challenge before us means we choose to overcome our fear and excuses through faith and action. The challenge exists whether we embrace it or not. Not embracing the challenge through faith and action is like being in denial, hoping it “just goes away”.

Many time challenges stretch us, and force us to change or adapt ourselves to meet that challenge. There are negative-type challenges; relationship challenges, personal financial issues challenges, economic or employment challenges, health challenges, schedule challenges, spiritual challenges, and so on.

Those negative challenges intimated us and make us feel insecure or unsure of our future. Sometimes we just want to “stick our head in the sand” and “let it all blow over”. But the avoidance of life’s challenges is not a helpful strategy. Avoiding challenges tends to lead to negative outcomes too.

A better strategy is; take personal responsibility for the challenge before you, and your role in addressing that challenge head on. Then trust God, and choose obedience every time. The things that overwhelm us never intimidate God. He always has a plan; a plan to give us hope and a future, a plan to redeem us, to restore us, to heal us, and to reconcile us.

God always has a plan because He loves and values you. Many people feel unloved, unappreciated, and unvalued. Many of those who read this article, are feeling that way right now. Yes, you have been hurt, neglected, un-affirmed, etc, but God really does love you and value you; He never leaves you, or forsakes you, or fails you. Never. He is an amazing Dad filled with unconditional love for you.

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